Multi-gen RoA Standard Tournament V: Signups

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Hosted by Aurodian and susciety


The Ruins of Alph Standard Tournament (RoAST) is an annual tournament open to all players that seeks to find the best player in all old generation OverUsed tiers. The winner will earn the right to display the RoAST mini-trophy
in their signatures and qualify for the RoA Forum Championship at the end of the year.

The tiers will be Gen 1-7 OU. All players that signup will be entered into one single elimination bracket. Players must play and win in 4 tiers (best of 7) against their opponent to move onto the next round, a loss resulting in elimination from the tournament.

Reminder: If both Pokemon faint simultaneously in DPP, ADV, GSC, or RBY, the game is ruled as a tie and needs to be replayed.
The starting tier will be randomized every round with no repeats until every tier was the starting tier once. The loser of the previous game picks the next tier.

Consistency across every generation will probably be the key to victory in this tournament.

Post "in" to join the tournament. Signups will last til the 29th of October at 11:59pm GMT-4 but may end earlier depending on signups.
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